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Automated emails with users' performance

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Automated performance emails
“Daily activity report” template
Email configuration
Configuration overview

Automated performance emails

It is of prime importance to be able to monitor your mobile users' activity on the field, especially when deploying a new environment.
You will hence be able to track the adoption and usage of your team.
The automated performance emails are meant to give you an overview of the data available in the web dashboards.

Daily activity report template

The “Daily activity report” is available at no cost for all our clients upon deployment of a template “Starter” or “Pro” plan environment.

Data received for the previous day:

Name of the user = mobile app user

Time of first visit = time at which the user has first checked in a client’s place

Time of last visit = time at which the user has last checked in a client’s place

Nbr. of visits = number of clients the user has visited

Nbr. of activity reports = number of workflow activity the user has submitted

Email configuration:

Users to receive notification = web users with accounts created on the web app

Frequency = how regularly the data is received - Daily / Weekly / Monthly

Date range = period of time for which the data is received - Today / Yesterday / Last full week / Current week / Last full month / Current month / Current year

Timer = from what date and time is the data to be received i.e.: from 01/01/2023 at noon until 31/12/2023 at midnight

Days that email will be received - Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Configuration overview:

Tailored automated emails with users' performance
Some tailored KPIs emails can also be developed to be sent automatically depending in the data collected.

Type of data available:


Any tailored KPIs email will:
Have to be logged through our support system.
Be charged as a change request at our regular rate.

Other types of notifications


Updated on: 02/04/2024

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