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About FieldPro
About Targets
Types of targets

About Targets

Targets are goals/objectives/milestones set by the management to be achieved/met by the Field team in a given time period i.e Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

They are important as it:
Give a clear numerical, measurable picture for the teams to hit their numbers
It also helps the management to plan the strategies in order to achieve their set goals
It acts as a guide for the Field Team and provides focus & direction
The target acts as a base against which the achievement can be compared and quantified

Types of targets

Targets can be in different types based on the day-to-day roles/activities of the field team:

1. Sales Targets

These are targets defined for Mobile users whose main goal is sales
Target Sales Value - This is the amount set as a target for the sales rep
Total value sold - This is the total amount paid for the product sold
Deficit (Value sold) - This is the amount between the target and the total value sold. It’s the balance remaining for the sales rep to hit the target.
% Target achievement - This is the % achieved by the user in relation to the target set and the total value sold.
Volume/quantity sold - This is the total volume sold by the sales rep, it can be in KGs or Liters or any form i.e Cases, boxes
% Strike rate - This is the % visits with a sales considering the total count of visits done by the sales rep. i.e If a sales rep managed to make sales in 6 outlets out of the 10 visited the % strike is 60%
Drop Size - Total sales value / strikes
LPPC - Line Per Productive Call - Average. Number of different SKUs per strike
Coverage - Customer that have been visited among the total number of customer

2. Visit targets

Number of Unique Outlets visited
Number of visits

3. Customer onboarding

New customers created
Leads converted to active
Passive converted to live

4. Focus product

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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