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Van Load Guide


You have sales representatives supplying customers every day and want to optimize their daily van loading ?
Sales estimation and van load recommendation helps anticipate better the need in terms of products quantities to sell, reducing van out of stocks and missed sales opportunities caused by lack of products.

How FieldPro Van Load Guide works

Our solution considers the financial targets of the sales representatives and customers purchase behaviour observed in the last months, to compute a daily loading guide for each sales representative.
Each sales rep can access his loading guide directly from the mobile app and see sales recommendations per outlet as well, in order to help him manage his daily visits.
We also provide insights about the adherence to sales recommendation, adherence to loading guide, progression of monthly target achievement,ect.


Dynamic computation : targets are re-computed everyday in order to take into account sales already done in the month and help the sales rep reach his monthly objective
Easy to implement : not many data requirements, only sales data and sales reps routes
Easy to use : loading guide and sales recommendations directly accessible from the mobile app
Customizable : the computation of sales recommendation can be adapted and include other metrics, according to the need.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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