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Partners Policy

Articles on: Partner Program

The Program

Our sales partnership program offers collaborative opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and revenue with our Affiliate program, by selling and pushing our products.

How do we Support our Partners

We aim at building lasting and win-win relationships with our partners. To do so we have developed a set of documentation and training to help them as much as possible.

System Handling and Usage

Online Knowledge Base, Comprehensive and up-to-date documentation on how to perform all the actions possible in Fieldpro. Accessible online here:
Training. Our partners will receive an in-depth training on the system from their dedicated account manager
Ticketing System to raise tickets to request for help in deploying complex features


Branding kit (
to use for any marketing communication


The most up to date source of information and the main way to convert leads

Case studies / Blog / Testimonials
Monthly Newsletter
Creation of shared contents (monthly webinars, articles, social media posts ...)

How do we Sell

Step 1: All clients are to first be on-boarded on a pilot. Quick to deploy and to take in hand.
Step 2: We follow up during the pilot to be sure that the solution is adapted to the client needs
Step 3: Once the client is satisfied and confirms his specifications, we can move to the set up and live projet. We push then for upsell in the future.

A client is considered acquired by:

Affiliate partner when the partner has lead the discussion, the demo and the negociations with the prospect
The partner has managed by himself to bring the client to the first payment of the Starter Plan


In recognition of the collaborative efforts in our sales partnership program, you can find below the commission table

Commission Policy

Optimetriks <> Affiliate - Relationship

In addition to the above, each Affiliate partner will have a dedicated Account Partner Manager that he/she can interact with to brainstorm on leads.
The Account Partner Manager will schedule a monthly meeting with the Affiliate partner to review the sales made, objectives, and additional support that can be brought.

How to become an Optimetriks partner

fill in this link
Affiliate partners should agree and sign our partner's contract
Affiliate partners should have at least 1-2 staffs who have followed FieldPro training and are able to onboard and train clients

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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