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Partners Policy

Articles on: Partner Program

The Programs

We have 2 types of partnerships based on the partner's implication in the sales process:

Referral Partners Program - Light involvement in the sales process

Affiliate Partners Program - Strong involvement in the sales process

Our Products

We currently have several products

FieldPro Sales, a CRM, Sales Force Automation system for brands and distributors
FieldPro Agent Network, to help telecom operators and banks manage their agent and merchant network
FieldPro Agri Sourcing, to help companies track the traceability of their agricultural value chain
FieldPro Service, a Field Service Management solutions (Facilities Management, Healthcare, etc)

How do we Support our Partners

We aim at building lasting and win-win relationships with our partners. To do so we have developed a set of documentation and training to help them as much as possible.

System Handling and Usage

Online Knowledge Base, Comprehensive and up-to-date documentation on how to perform all the actions possible in Fieldpro.Accessible online here:
Training. Our partners will receive an in-depth training on the system from their dedicated account manager
Ticketing System to raise tickets to request for help in deploying complex features


Branding kit (

to use for any marketing communication


The most up to date source of information and the main way to convert leads

*Company Deck

Case studies / Blog / Testimonials

Monthly Newsletter

How do we Sell

Step 1: All clients are to first be on-boarded on the Starter Plan. It is the main entry door to our product as it is very easy to deploy and to take in hand.

Step 2: Clients active on the Starter plan are fed with content by our Marketing team and regularly engaged by our partners to trigger up-sale to a Pro Plan.

Step 3: Once the client is active on the Pro-plan and needs more customizations/integrations, he will be up-sold on an Enterprise plan.

A client is considered acquired by:

Referral partner when:

We (Optimetriks) did not have active discussions with this client over the past 1 year

The lead is closed within 3 months after a referral from the partner

Affiliate partner when:

The partner has managed by himself to bring the client to the first payment of the Starter Plan


The partner will receive 5% of the 1st year revenue for referral only, 20% for affiliates

The partner will receive its commission within 30 days after full payment is received by the customer.

Optimetriks <> Affiliate - Relationship

In addition to the above, each Affiliate partner will have a dedicated Account Partner Manager that he/she can interact with to brainstorm on leads. The Account Partner Manager will schedule a monthly meeting with the Affiliate partner to review the sales made, objectives, and additional support that can be brought.

How to become an Optimetriks partner

Send an email to [email protected]

Affiliate partners should agree and sign our partner's contract

Affiliate partners should have at least 1-2 staffs who have followed FieldPro training and are able to onboard and train clients

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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