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Data Safety

Articles on: Legal & Security

Data Safety

All data transfer is encrypted – whether users are at their computer or on their phone, absolutely nothing goes over the network without encryption. FieldPro uses 256-bit AES, supports TLS 1.2 for all of your messages, and uses the ECDHE_RSA Key Exchange Algorithm. We monitor the security community's output closely and work promptly to upgrade the service to respond to new vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Data storage

We use Google Cloud Platform as a cloud provider. Each of our clients has a fully dedicated instance, meaning you have your own PostGres SQL database with all users, lists and submissions information.

Data backups

Data is stored in multiple servers in the European Union, ensuring there is always data redundancy in case any natural disaster impacts a site. Daily automated back ups of the database are performed. Data is kept as long as you remain a FieldPro customer.

Data encryption

We use state of the art tools to encrypt the data that is stored on your database. We ensure the data is fully private and accessible for you.

Detailed audit logs

Thanks to our powerful logs interface, you can easily retrieve all activities that have been performed on the platform by users. Through time, action type or user filters you can understand what has been done in the system with all the relevant details.

Cloud Hosting

Our infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which complies with the ISO 27001:2005 certification, a strict international security norm.

Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

As part of the subscription contract signed to access our services, we commit to SLAs defining the terms of services in our relationship.


We perform regular updates to our platform, to bring new features, user experience improvement, bug fixes, etc.

The updates are released automatically for the web application, no action needs to be done on the user side. For the mobile application, a notification push informs the user that he needs to update it.


FieldPro is a Software as a Service (SaaS). No hardware or complex server management is required to use our applications.

The latest version of the mobile application can be downloaded on the Android PlayStore, and our web application can be accessed with an Internet connection on any web browser at this address

Our overall infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, with servers based in several locations, which means it can always be accessed. We commit to a 99% uptime availability of our web and mobile applications. We don’t require to have scheduled downtime for maintenance.

User Access Rights

On FieldPro it is easy to configure what can be done by the mobile or web user on the platform.

Custom profiles can be defined based on the needs, and each action assigned to a role

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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