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Payment Terms

Articles on: Billing & Pricing

User count

The licence fees apply to all the mobile users with a licence on the platform.

Payment terms

The set up fee is due at the start of the set up process.

The licence fees are to be paid on a quarterly basis, before the quarter begins.

The licences can be adjusted at each billing cycle.


You can pay by credit card online or through bank transfer.

Applicable Taxes

FieldPro is offered by the company Optimetriks SAS, based in France.

If you are based outside the European Union (EU), there are no VAT on the invoice. Our prices are net of any withholding tax that might be imposed when purchasing services based outside the country the purchasing entity is based in.

If you are based in France, we will need to charge the VAT of 20%

If you are based in the EU, you will need to provide a EU VAT number so that we don’t add the VAT.


Updated on: 25/05/2023

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