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Get started on your own
Client Set up Packs
Change requests

Get started on your own

You can get full access to FieldPro on your own through our free trial mode. Start here:
If you prefer to have a 30minutes demo tour of the solution by a product specialist, or have questions we can help you, schedule a demo for free here:

Client Set up Packs

We offer set up packages to on board you and ensure a successful implementation. We will organise several video calls to train you and adapt the environment to your needs, to share best practices and answer any technical questions. Several set up Packs are available, depending on the level of the complexity of the deployment, and on the assistance you need.

Set up duration4 weeks8 weeks12 weeks
Dedicated Set up expertYesYesYes
Video Training SessionsYesYesYes
Help with Master Data ImportYesYesYes

The time spent working on each item will be deducted from the set up time package. If we go beyond, a new set up package will need to be taken.


Standard Support

After the set up is done, each plan includes on going support for the technical contacts, that can reach out to us to share questions through the chatbox present on our web application or by email to [email protected].

We provide support from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm GMT.

Advanced Support

If needed, advanced support can be purchased at a rate of 500€ / month offering:
Access to our support team through video calls
New training sessions

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

As part of the subscription and contracts signed to access the FieldPro services, we commit to responding within certain timelines to the requests received, based on their severity level:

Severity levelKey dimensionsDescription
1 ‐ Major bug - High priorityDirect Business Impact Multiple Users AffectedSerious defect or performance issue in software or mobile app. Complete outage of any application module/function. Over 25% of users experiencing service degradation. Users unable to access system or service. Compromised service security measures.
2 ‐ Minor bug - Low priorityIndirect Business Impact Few Users AffectedProblem with no measurable or perceivable business impact. Fault not affecting current customer operations. Issue causing inconvenience in regular functions.
3 ‐ Service RequestLittle or no Business ImpactRequests for upgrades, new features, or changes beyond support team's scope. No immediate attention needed.

Change requests

If custom work needs to be done such as setting up a new workflow or dashboard, or major customizations on dashboards, it will be charged at 400€ / man day. A quote will be shared after assessing the workload

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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