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Logging in
How to change your password
Forgot Password
Refreshing the web app
Clearing web app cache

Logging in

When you are added as a new web user to FieldPro you will receive an e-mail, as illustrated below.

On the email received, click on Login to access the web application and fill in your registered email and password from the same email. Click on the eye icon to be able to unhide the password if you need to see/verify.

How to change your password

It is always recommended to change your password from the sample password sent to you in the confirmation mail you receive after web user creation and after successfully logging into the web app for the very first time. The password should be strong, easy for you to remember, and conform to the recommended format.

To change your password, click on the profile/account icon on the top right part of the page and select Change password.

In the field “Enter old password”, enter the current password (the sample password provided upon web user creation confirmation).

Enter your new password (New password field), following the guidelines set, and confirm it in the relevant field (Confirm password) before saving.

Forgot Password

In the event that you forget your password, simply:

Go to the Login page.
Click on "I forgot my password."
A pop up will appear as shown below

Provide your email registered with FieldPro and click recover once done.
Your new password will be shared to your email.

Refreshing the web application

Sometimes the screens being viewed might be outdated or are not updating as per the filters applied or changes might have been done to the users, access rights, reports, lists, users etc.

On the other hand, when a new/improved version of the WebApp has been released users will receive a pop up notification to refresh the Web app as shown below

For this reason, users have to refresh the web app so that the changes made can reflect.

Refreshing the application is done by clicking on the Reload icon (bent arrow) at the top right of the web app screen.

For more information on the above actions, please view below

Clearing web app cache

Clearing the web cache enables the web app to load a clean environment, take effect on new changes done, or load newer versions/updates of the web app.

To clear the cache:

Right-click anywhere on the web app page, select Inspect.

Click on the forward arrows (>>) right after “Network” so as to access more options and select “Application.”

Click on “Storage”, then “Clear site data”, close the small window/page, and refresh the web app page.'

For more information on the above actions, please watch the video below

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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