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Automated Email Reports

Automated email notifications/reports enables an organization to be able to monitor their mobile users' activity on the field, especially when deploying a new environment.

This will aid in tracking the adoption and usage of your team(s).
The automated performance emails are meant to give you an overview of the data available in the web dashboards.
This feature automates the sending of emails with KPIs.

How to set up

In the Workflow section select Jobs

Click on the + icon at the top right

A pop up menu will appear with the various job type select notification type then email

On contents of the email notification please provide the following;
Subject of the notification i.e. Title of the report - Daily usage, Teams sales value, etc.
Email body - The email body should be written in HTML language. If you are not conversant with HTML please use online text to HTML converters i.e Link
The content of the email. Use HTML tags to structure like <br> ,for line breaks

To insert queries, simply click on the create query and put the required fields which are the:
Name - Of the query in subject i.e. details table.
Query - Obtained from your reports

Alternatively, you can also make use of the meta expression, click on add meta expression and fill all the required sections .

For instance if you would like to select the recipient of the email using meta expressions. By selecting the use meta expressions beside the select users option

You can also add an attachment to the email by enabling the send custom data toggle to be able to attach a document either in CSV or Excel file shown below:

On the recipients tab, this is where you specify the target audience of the email notification

All Web Users to receive the report

Select web users to receive on the drop down menu
There is a test functionality where you can be able to receive a test email after configuration to confirm if the automation works

Select the date range in which date range the dashboard will apply, today, yesterday last full week, last full month, current month, current year etc.
Frequency and timer are set on the workflows. The frequency and date the report should be sent are triggered

To set up the timer

Go to the Workflows and click on create a new workflow

You will be redirected to the workflow builder section, where you are to arrange the loop of the email notification by clicking on the different jobs

The order is as shown below

To set the timer job click on the timer on the builder to be directed to the contents of the timer.

Here specify the time in which you want your notifications to be sent in the absolute and relative sections

Absolute values signifies - The exact time the email should be sent i.e. 1005hrs

Relative values signifies - The hour in which the email should be sent i.e. 12hrs or 24hrs in regard to the date range you selected.

For the timer to be executed at the time set you need enable Run workflow at creation toggle on the workflow settings for you to receive the notifications according to the date range determined.

KPIs will be sent in the format selected i.e. scorecards or tables.

Here is an example of a tabular report sent via email.

The recipient of an email notification can unsubscribe from the report received on the email.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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