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View, filter and download dashboards

Articles on: Dashboards
View reports
Filter reports
Filter tables
Download in PDF File
Archive/Restore dashboards

FieldPro reports are found on the Dashboards tab of the Web App.

Once you have opened the Dashboards tab, you will see folders containing the reports.

Reports are grouped in different folders based on their nature and content.

View reports

Click on the dashboards tab to open.

Click on the folder with the report you want to view.

Once you have opened the folder, click on the report.

You can also decide on the dashboards you want to view on your homepage.

All you need to do is click on the settings icon at the top right of your web application then select the dashboards tab.

Under the dashboards tab, select the Homepage dashboards section. Make sure you have clicked on the Edit details button in order to access the dashboard options available.

Homepage Dashboard options

Then select the dashboards you want to view on your homepage and save.

Filter reports

Dashboards can be filtered on a series of dimensions as shown below:

By Date

All dashboards can be filtered with these time ranges:
Last 7 days
This week
Last 30 days
This month
Last month
Custom range, in which you can define the start and end date of your choice and apply filter.

By User
Pick one or multiple users.

By Team
Pick one or multiple teams.

For more actions on the above information, click on the video below

Filter tables

Just above the tables chart, tables can be filtered on any of the columns displayed.

Click on the Add filter button to pick the column to apply the filter on

The list of columns will appear as shown below:

If the column is in numbers, you can filter with numeric operators (superior, equal, inferior)

If the column is a text, the filter will be open text as shown below

For more information on the above article, click on the video below

Download in PDF File

You can download/export a report in pdf format if you want to view it offline.

Ensure you have selected the right filters (Date, users and teams) then click on the download pdf button at the top left (Directly below the subfolder name)

Download in Excel/CSV File

For further analysis or scrutiny of any report you have an option to export it on Excel/CSV File this is only available for each chart and not for the whole page as it is on the PDF download.

To download, click on the download excel button at the top right of the chart you want to download.

If the data request for a table/matrix component is too big and causes a timeout, you get an option to receive the raw excel data by email instead.

For more information on the actions above, click on the video below

Archive/Restore dashboards

The archive button enables users to manage their dashboards content effectively.
Unused dashboards can be archive by simply clicking on the archive button as shown below

Archiving will not delete the objects from the database, but will make them inaccessible. You can revert the archive action by using the restore button

To restore the archived folder/dashboard click on the 3 dots above the dashboards folder and select display archived elements

The list of archived elements will be displayed in faint grey where you can restore the desired dashboard/folder

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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