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SMS Transactional Receipt

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About FieldPro
FieldPro is your partner in the field helping you to connect the dots in your last mile ecosystem. We leverage a web and mobile application to help you understand your field team's activity and gather more insights by registering field data (sales, retail audit, technical intervention, etc.).

FieldPro <> SMS aggregators
FieldPro integrates with SMS aggregators to be able to send SMS to thousands of customers with a click.

Today we leverage Africa’s Talking as a payment aggregator. Africa’s talking account debited is our FieldPro account (not the client one).
Countries available (see the up-to-date list here)

One-off: 0€


- 200€ per month for the integration cost
- SMS costs (see here, bulk SMS chose the most expensive plan for the country you are looking at)

Use cases
How One Acre Fund is Transforming Agriculture Across Africa, and using FieldPro for digitising farmers’ training, inspection, certification, and payment.

Mass Purchasing of Farming Outputs from Small Farmers in East Africa

We help a nonprofit organization to purchase the farming outputs of thousands of small farmers in East Africa. Our client is in direct contact with over 1M farmers and has sourcing agents visiting these farmers and purchasing their outputs (Avocado, Macadamia, Coffee, Potatoes, etc.)

We helped our clients to process purchase/validation/payment/audits 10x faster than they used to.

The flow:

Sourcing agents visit the farmers and input the farm out-put purchase:




We automatically calculate the amount to be paid and display it on the app so that the agent can communicate to the farmer how much he is going to receive
The agent submits the order
The data is formatted in our backend and an SMS is sent to the farmer with the details of the transaction

Updated on: 16/02/2023

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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