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Automated In App KPI Notifications Reports

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How to proceed
Requirements to create a report generated
How to set up automated notifications

WebApp admins can set up reports/dashboards automated notifications to be sent to the clients at a specific time and frequency. At the moment it’s only possible to send tables and scorecards

How to proceed

Define KPIs that should be shared (pick among the existing scorecards and table to avoid extra work)
Define the recipients (must be web users)
Define other parameters: frequency, etc

Requirements to create a report generated

List of the KPIs to be sent (name and definitions): tables or scorecards
List of the recipients
Frequency: should the email be sent every day/every week/…
Date range: should the data on the reports reflect a daily/weekly/.. Aggregation
If there is a preferred start date and time

How to set up automated notifications

Click on the Environment section of the WebApp to access the Emails folder then follow the below procedure to set up your automated emails;
Click on the + icon at the top right to create a new notifications

On the pop-up menu please provide the following;
Title of the report i.e Daily usage, Teams sales value, etc
Destination type - Email, SMS or IN_APP
Email body - The email body should be written in HTML language. If you are not conversant with HTML please use online text to HTML converters i.e Link
The content of the email. Use HTML tags to structure like <br> ,for line breaks

To insert queries, use this syntax $queryname$

Users to receive the report: select the web users who should receive the report
Frequency: Select at what frequency the report should be sent
Date range: On what date range the dashboard will apply, this week, this month, etc
Start date/time: when the emailing should start
End date/time: When the automated emails should end
Queries: the actual queries to display. Each query is defined with a tag and a name

Once you have defined the above, click on CREATE at the bottom left to save.

The recipient of an email notification can unsubscribe from the report received on the email.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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