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Customers Map

Articles on: Web App

Maps cluster
Map Legends
View customer details

Maps cluster

On the left panel select Map, this will show you a map of all your customers.
They are clustered as per the number. By zooming in on a cluster, you will be able to view the customers composing it.

Map Legends

There are legends to filter the customers you see:
The legends are defined from the single choice questions on the customer list

Per-user. Shows the user who last visited the customer

Per date. Shows the last visit date to the customer

Per type. Shows the types of customers, picking information from the _type attribute in the customer list

Per status - Shows where the customers are located(Region)


All the attributes defined as important are displayed by default as filters at the top. You can add any other attribute as a filter, by clicking on filter button and selecting the attribute.
When the filter is applied, it will show an “x” mark as shown below.

View customer details

By clicking on any customer, a window opens with:

The customer title, as defined on the web app

The different pictures were taken to identify the customer, as defined in the list schema

The attributes

The metadata shows when the customer was created/updated, etc.

To have a satellite view of the map click on the small white box on the bottom left of the map and enable the satellite view toggle
To view customers on the map click on the small white box on the bottom left of the map and enable the show customer toggle,you will able to see the number all customers geotagged on the map.

For more information about the Customer's Map click on the video below

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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