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Filling activity report from the Web app

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It's become easier than ever to fill out activity reports directly from the web app. Here's a simple guide to help you do just that:

Set Up Users:

First, create a mobile user and assign them to the team in charge of the workflow. Then, make a web user without giving them access to everything. This is usually done by using the default viewer profile.

Connect Users:

Link the web user's email to the mobile user's profile. This connection helps ensure smooth data sharing and access rights.

Go to the Web App:

Log in to the web app using the web user's credentials. Once logged in, find the workflow section where you need to fill out the activity report.

Create Your Report:

Look for the option to create a report within the workflow section. Click on it to start making your report. You'll see fields and questions to fill out with the necessary information.

5.** Fill in the Details:**

Answer the questions and fill in the fields accurately. Make sure you follow any instructions provided.

Use Conditions and Compute Questions:

Remember, you can use conditions and compute questions while filling out the report. These features allow you to adjust responses and do calculations as needed, making your report more informative.

Following these steps makes it easy for anyone to fill out activity reports directly on the web. It saves time.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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