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How to filter items by type

We've recently introduced a new functionality that allows items in an SKU list to be displayed based on selected attributes on the list, such as type or channel type.
This enhancement serves to streamline the experience for field users and workers during sales or retail audit visits by eliminating the need to fill unnecessary SKUs in the matrix.

This capability operates on conditions, particularly the selected attribute type.

By leveraging this feature, we optimize the loading of matrix items, reducing the volume from potentially overwhelming numbers to just a select few when conditions are appropriately configured.

Consider a scenario where we aim to display items matching the SKU type to the customer type. To achieve this:

Step 1:
Begin by configuring attributes on the SKU list schema, incorporating various outlet options.

Step 2
Specify the customer type for each SKU accordingly.

Step 3
On the matrix product audit process, follow these steps:

Navigate to the edit icon and access the conditions menu.

Select "items restriction conditions" and apply restrictions within the inner group of the Meta expression builder.

To display items where the customer type equals the SKU type, utilize expressions as demonstrated.

The "contains" operator proves valuable when selecting multiple options for the same attribute or question, such as outlet channels, types within meta expressions. This approach aids in reducing the load time of list items on the mobile application.

Note: This feature is not limited solely to customer type . Its applicability extends to various other attributes within the list schema, providing a generic solution adaptable to diverse use cases and requirements.

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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