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How to restrict matrix items based on the customer type selected

Items in a matrix can be filtered depending on the customer type selected.

On this we have introduced a new way in which Items in an SKU list can display according to the type or channel type selected this aids/relieves field users/workers from having to fill unnecessary SKUs in the matrix during their Sales or Retail Audit visit.

This is possible on conditions, like the selected customer type
This feature allows us to optimize the loading of matrix items. Therefore we can go from 1000 items or more to just a few when conditions they are well set up.

Let's imagine a use case where we display items having SKU type equal to customer type.

On the matrix product edit, we can go to conditions, then items restriction conditions and add restriction in the inner group of the Meta expression as shown below.

Here we added 8 conditions;

To display items where customer type equal to SKU type

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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