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How to upload documents

Articles on: Web App

WebApp users are able to share documents (word, excel, pdf, jpg, png, mp4, avi) with Mobile users through the documentation section. Mobile users can access these documents on the mobile app (resources section).
These documents can be organized on folders based on the details and categorization, to create a folder;

Click on the Documents section.

At the top right click on create folder

Input the required details i.e Name and description

Once done you can now follow the below procedure on how to upload;

Click on the Documents section.

Click on the subfolder you would want to upload your document.

Click on the (+ Create document) Icon at the top right to upload.

Choose the file you want to upload.

Select the folder where you want the document linked.

Select the teams you want to access (Link) to the document you are uploading.

Tap on CONFIRM to upload.

For more information about the above article click on the video below

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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