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How to use Meta Expression

What is a meta expression and when to use it ?

Meta expression in FieldPro is a powerful tool to retrieve different item attributes or activity variables.
It is used for:
compute (calculated field)
item title, activity report title, workflow report title

How to use meta expression

The title is defined in lower case.

The title should be something you can reuse later on in the configuration by typing @

Then define the scope, here are the options possible:
Item: any attribute of the item selected
Item cell: for matrix question, any attribute of the item selected
Matrix cell: for matrix question, any sub question variable
User: any attribute of the mobile user, like user role
Client: any attribute of the client
Customer: any attribute of the customer selected

When selecting a single choice attribute, you will see the different options available after in selection

To view/edit the contents of the meta expression/condition, just click on it, for a detailed display.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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