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Meta Expressions

Definition of Meta Expressions

Meta expression in FieldPro is a powerful tool used to retrieve data from different item attributes, activity variables and also workflow restrictions

It is utilized for:
Setting conditions

Computing (calculating field values)

Crafting item titles, activity report titles, and workflow report titles

Meta Expresssion Parameters

Meta expression parameters refers to variables or placeholders used to dynamically generate or manipulate data.
The meta expression builder contains different place holders as shown below

Output - This is a section where the contents of the condition in the meta expression set will be displayed
Add expression - section where you input the targeted attributes in the meta expression builder. Here you will need to select:

Title - the title of the meta expression being created
Target type - By default the target type is variable but there is an option to select SQL then input the SQL query
Scope - Depends on the attribute variable targeted can be from the Activity report/user/Client/Customer
Field - Dependant on the scope selected i.e. if the scope is Activity report the meta expression is selected based on activity report on the normal field
Default Value - allow default answers to attributes and avoid empty fields
Once done save the added expression
Operator - Logic or function to be used in the meta expression, as outline below:
Different from
Greater than
Greater than or equals to
Is empty
Is not empty
Lower than
Lower than or equal

Return of the meta expression condition set - True or False

In the meta expression the "Add Inner Group" and "Add Group" options serve different purposes and affect how expressions are structured and evaluated.
Add Inner Group - creating a new group at the same level as the current one. This means that the new group is a sibling to the current group within the expression hierarchy.
Add Group - option allows you to create a nested group within the current group. This means that the new group is a child of the current group, creating a hierarchical structure.

How to use meta expression

The title is defined in lower case automatically.

The title should be something you can reuse later on in the configuration by typing @

Define the scope, here are the options possible:
Item: any attribute of the item selected
Item cell: for matrix question, any attribute of the item selected
Matrix cell: for matrix question, any sub question variable
User: any attribute of the mobile user, like user role
Client: any attribute of the client
Customer: any attribute of the customer selected

When selecting a single choice attribute, you will see the different options available after in selection

To view/edit the contents of the meta expression/condition, just click on it, for a detailed display.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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