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FieldPro Agriculture Sourcing

What is this workspace for ?

It is relevant for any companies which have a need to:
Record properly their Farmer database
Automate purchase and payment to farmers
Train, inspect, and certify farmers

The documentation below specifies the components of this workspace.

Mobile User roles

These are the default roles created for mobile users.
Extension officers
Field Officers
Field Coordinators

Workflow and Activities

Product dispatch and traceability

Used to track product (Quantity & Quality) from the sourcing points i.e. Buying centers and site to the Hubs, warehouse or factories. With the help of barcodes, we can esly track and trace products to the source / purchase point

Below are the available questions on the traceability activity

Activity questionQuestion type
Driver / Vehicle detailsSingle choice
Products dispatchedMatrix
Total crates dispatchedInteger
Total KGs dispatchedDecimal input
Journey fromSingle choice
Journey toSingle choice
Hub locationText / GPS
Dispatch / receiver nameSingle choice
Product sortedMatrix
Total volume sortedCompute
Total value acceptedCompute
Total value rejectedCompute
Driver signatureSignature
Journey coveredGPS tracking


Used to track the training done by the extension officers, for a farmer to be certified they must have attended all the training topics.

Below are the available questions on the training activity

Activity questionQuestion type
Farmers EngagedMulti choice
Training TopicsMulti choice
Challanges ObservedText
Farmer attendance sheetPicture
Group picturePicture
Farmers signaturesSignature
Training LocationGPS

Purchase / Sourcing

Used at the produce buying centers to record the quantity of products purchased from the farmers and their quality. It's the same workflow that triggers payments to the farmer for their products sold.

Purchase activity has the following questions.
Activity questionQuestion type
Farmers SelingSingle choice
What are you buyingMulti choice
Product purchasedMatrix
Total quantity purchasedCompute
Total purchase valueCompute
Any amount retainedInteger
Amount sent to the farmerCompute

Progress / regular visit

Used to track activities the farmer has performed after they have been onboarded and trained for them to be certified, it's also used for regular visits to build relationships with the farmers and help them on their farm journey.

Regular visit activity has the following questions.
Activity questionQuestion type
Farmers visitedSingle choice
Visit typeMulti choice
Impact visit reasonsMulti choice
Sanitary/Hyegine facilities availabilityMulti choice
Chemical use in the farmsSingle choice
Recomendation given to the farmerText
Farm picturePicture
Any complaintsText


The workspace comes with several lists

Farmer List

To record all Farmer information. It is made of the following attributes.
Attribute tagAttribute labelAttribute type
_nameFarmer nameText
_typeFarmer TypeSingle choice
"_image_url"Farm PicturePicture
_locationGPS location of homesteadGPS
"_phone_number"Farmer Phone numberPhone number
customidFarmer IDText
traceabilitycodeTraceability codeText
_acreageFarm SizeInteger

SKU List

To store your products

Attribute tagAttribute labelAttribute type
_categoryCategorySingle choice
"_price_without_vat"Price without VATDecimal


1. Activity dashboards

To monitor all activities done by your field teams, based on user logs i.e. visits and time worked, days worked per, active users per team, visit target achievements, inactive users per day and team, etc.

2. Coverage & Visits Dashboards

To monitor all KPIs related to Farmers visit coverage i.e. Total number of Farmers mapped vs those visited, coverage rate, average Farmer visits per user, number & details of Farmers not visited, visit duration per Farmer, frequency of Farmer visit, feedbacks received, visit objective analysis, etc

3. Purchases

To monitor all purchases done. Based on the purchase / sourcing workflow. Breakdown of all the purchases made by SKU volume and quality.

4. Route compliance

To monitor the trams compliance to the route defined, farmers planned to be visited and visited vs Farmers visited but not planned to be visited.

5. Training dashboards

To monitor the training done by the team and the farmer certification progress.

6. Products tracking report.

Helps to monitor the movement of the products from the buying centers / sites through the regional hubs to the factories. Key points to monitor are the quantities, transport vehicles and the quality i.e. moisture content etc.


This is where we compile all the KPIs/reports essential for further scurrility. Our dashboards are majorly availed for Admins and supervisors, we however also have some dashboards availed for mobile app users i.e. Extension officers for personal performance tracking. These KPIs/reports are grouped into different folders depending as outlined below.

Here is a table with a detailed view of the KPIs.

KPI NameDefinition
VisitsA visit is defined as check in and check out to a Farmer
Farmer in portfolioCount of total Farmer assigned to a user team
Farmer coveredCount of Farmer who have been visited
Nbr of Visited and Striked OutletsNumber of Farmer visited and those with a sales
Coverage (%)% of Farmer that have been visited among the total number of Farmer
Active usersCount of users with at least one activity report filled
% active users% of licensed users who are active
% active users before 10am% of registered users who have done at least one activity report before 10am
Nb of Unique Farmer visited / dayTotal Nbr of Unique Outlets visited / number of days in the period
Nb Farmer visited / weekCount of Farmer / number of weeks in the period
Nbr of Field StaffsLicensed Users
Nbr of Field Staffs actively sellingCount of users with at least one strike

Here is a table with a detailed view of the KPIs.|| Please find our MUST file here, download as excel, populate and share with us for environment configuration.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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