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FieldPro Sales - Specific configurations

How to handle multiple currencies

To set up two currencies on sales activity, you need to follow these septs :

1 - Create the value on the SKU list
Open the settings page of the SKU list
Add one currency value on the SKU list, For Example Franc or Dollar

2 - Create an Exchange rate list
On the list page click on “Create” and fill in the List information

In the schema, section add the two currencies' attributes and save your change

Open the Exchange list your are created by clicking on the edit button, and going on the settings section :
Create a meta expression allowing you to link the two values
Make sure you have chosen the attributes created as Important attributes to display and Save you change
You can now add an exchange rate value, by clicking on Create at the top right and validate your creation by clicking on create at the bottom rightin the displayed menu.

3 - Configure the exchange rate
Open the sales activity settings, and follow these setps :
Add a single choice on list and link to the exchange rate list

Add a compute Sales value multiplied by the value of the currency you don’t create on the SKU list

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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