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FieldPro Sales - Workflows

Workflow and Activities

These are forms in which field users record information and capture pictures during the field visits on the mobile app which are in turn synchronized to the Web.

Direct Sales

To record the sales done directly by your sales representatives/sales persons. It requires a visit and geo check in.

Here are the direct sale template activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Did you make a sale?Single choice
Reasons for not sellingSingle choice
Products soldMatrix
Amount paidDecimal

Retail Audit

To collect information at the customer location about product presence, branding presence and competition.

Below are the different Retail Audit template activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Product AuditMatrix
Visibility/Asset AuditMatrix
Competition Products AuditMatrix

Stock management

To track the stock moved from distributors to sales representatives

Below are the different Stock Management template activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Select the VanSingle choice on list
Select the PersonSingle choice on list
Stock Movement TypeSingle choice
Stock MovedMatrix
Stock valueCompute

Order and Delivery

To track the pre order and deliveries done

Fields linked between the two workflows:

Order ActivityDelivery Activity
Quantity orderedQuantity Delivered
BalancePending Balance
Expected Delivery DateExpected Delivery Date

Field Vendors Sales

To track the sales done by the field vendors with an entry and return

Below are the different Field Vendors Sales template activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Booking date or Sales dateDate picker
VendorSingle choice on list
Product soldMatrix
Total PriceCompute
AssetSingle choice
Asset selectedSingle choice on list

Debt Collection

To track payment collected from customers.

Here are the template activity questions on the above

Activity questionQuestion type
Payment TypeSingle choice
Cheque or Bank Slip PicturePicture
Mobile Money Transaction DetailsText
Amount CollectedDecimal
Stock valueCompute

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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