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FieldPro Sales - Workflows

The FieldPro Sales workspace comes with predefined workflows consisting of different activities designed to achieve specific objectives.

Customer visits

This is a simple activity for our starter pack users which is used for sales checks.
It is for companies interested in simply tracking visit made to their outlets.

Here are the customer visit activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Sales madeSingle choice

Direct Sales

An activity used by sales representatives to record sales visits done directly at the customer premises.
This activity helps keep track of a company's sale of products or services in the aim of achieving sales targets set.

Here are the direct sales activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Did you make a sale?Single choice
Reasons for not sellingSingle choice
Products soldMatrix
Total product valueCompute
Amount paidDecimal

How to use an open ended price in the sales matrix instead of fixed price ?

In certain sales scenarios, flexibility in pricing can be beneficial. For instance, users may want to know if they can use an open-ended price in the sales matrix instead of a fixed price.

Below is the guide:

Begin by hiding the existing fixed price attribute question within the matrix and add a new input decimal field where users can enter the open prices for the products

Update the compute by editing it in the matrix to use the new open price input question.

Save the changes. Additionally, update any compute outside the matrix that totals the product values to ensure they now use the values from the new open-ended price inputs.

For reporting purposes, this change will not impact the existing reporting structure.

The system will detect the change, update and reflect the true picture of the prices in the market, providing more accurate and flexible pricing data.

How can you apply an automated discount if you sell more than x units of products ?

Offering discounts for bulk purchases can incentivize customers to buy more, boosting your sales.

This section guides you through the process of setting up automated discounts for situations where customers purchase more than a specified number of units.

To do this fill the decimal attribute _discount in the Products list with the applicable discount in absolute value, say a product of 10 has a 0.5 discount applicable.

Then define the condition under which the discount applies

In the matrix products sold, for the compute _discount, define a condition applying on the number of units sold like shown below:

=${__active_matrix_cell/__custom_field:_number_units_sold|0} GREATER_THAN 4

Then the compute multiplies the quantity by the discount

To apply it on the sub total modify the compute so that sub total takes into account the discount

Retail Audit

An activity used to collect information on products, visibility and competition product presence.
This activity helps determine the availability of products and visibility items at a customer store, ensuring product and visibility displays are cohesive and is also gain on competitor intelligence.

Below are the different Retail Audit template activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Product AuditMatrix
Visibility/Asset AuditMatrix
Competition Products AuditMatrix

Stock management

The stock management is used to record stock movement this could be from the distributors to the end customer.
This activity could help a company determine the stock levels at different outlets and identify the need of replenishment or if stock is in excess.

Below are the different Stock Management template activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Select the VanSingle choice on list
Select the PersonSingle choice on list
Stock Movement Type (Dispatch or Return)Single choice
Stock MovedMatrix
Stock valueCompute

Order and Delivery

The order and delivery activities encompasses the entire process from order placement to successful delivery.
This activities helps a company keep track of products ordered and shows a follow up on products delivered.
The activities are in a two step workflow meaning that once an order is placed, the delivery step will need to be done to complete the workflow.
It can be assigned to one user and be completed by another, hence the order and delivery can be done by two different users.

Fields linked between the two activities:

Order ActivityDelivery ActivityQuestion Type
Quantity of Products orderedQuantity of Products DeliveredMatrix
BalancePending BalanceCompute
Expected Delivery DateExpected Delivery DateDate picker

Street Vendors Sales

The Field Vendors sales is an activity for individuals or companies selling products on behalf of another company.
It is targeted companies that have several intermediaries such as distributors or manufacturers that sell their products on their behalf.
It is therefore used to track sales done by these vendors.

Below are the different Field Vendors Sales activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Sales dateDate picker
VendorSingle choice on list
Product soldMatrix
Total PriceCompute
AssetSingle choice
Asset selectedSingle choice on list

Cash Collection

The cash collection activity is used to track payment collected from customers.
This activity helps a company retrieve payments from customers or debtors in form of cash or checks for products rendered.

Here are the cash collection activity questions

Activity questionQuestion type
Payment TypeSingle choice
Cheque or Bank Slip PicturePicture
Mobile Money Transaction DetailsText
Amount CollectedDecimal

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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