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FieldPro Sales - Lists

Customers list

To record all customer information. It is made of t| he following attributes

Attribute tagAttribute labelAttribute type
'_nameCustomer nameText
'_channelChannelSingle choice
'_typeTypeSingle choice
'_image_urlOutside PicturePicture
'_locationGPS locationGPS
'_customer_segmentationCustomer SegmentationSingle choice
'_customer_statusCustomer StatusSingle choice
'_phone_numberPhone numberPhone number
'_image_url_insideInside PicturePicture
'_route_dayRoute DayMultiple choice
'_visit_frequencyVisit FrequencySingle choice
'_has_sales_assetsSales AssetSingle choice

SKU list

To record all information for storing your products.

Attribute tagAttribute labelAttribute type
_categoryCategorySingle choice
_brandBrand NameSingle Choice
customertypeCustomer TypeSingle Choice
pricewithout_vatPrice without VATDecimal
_formatFormatSingle Choice
nbrunitsNumber of unitsInteger

Competitors SKU list

Field Vendors list

Vans List

To record your vans sales men and what they hold in stock

Attribute tagAttribute labelAttribute typeComments
"_van _id"Van IDText
"_van _type"Van TypeSingle Choice
"_van _picture"Van PicturePicture

Assets list

To track your equipment, below are the different attributes

Attribute tagAttribute labelAttribute typeComments
"_asset _id"Asset IDText
"_asset _picture"Asset PicturePicture
"_asset _type"Asset TypeSingle Choice
"_other_asset _id"Other Asset IDText
"_entry_date"Entry DateDate
"_asset _capacity"Asset CapacitySingle Choice
"_status"StatusSingle choice

Branding Materials

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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