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FieldPro Detect

What is this template for ?

Demo video of FieldPro Detect + OptiRoutes

Key features for FieldPro Detect:
1) Automated Product detection - with its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, the app can automatically identify and recognize products in diverse environments.

2) Measure KPIs automatically - FieldPro Detect streamlines this task by automatically measuring KPIs through its intelligent solution. Take a picture using the FieldPro app, and receive instant in-app or cloud-based analysis.

3) Ensuring Planogram compliance - The app's AI algorithm compares the actual shelf display with the prescribed planogram, instantly identifying any deviations.

It is relevant for any companies which have a need to:

Utilize image recognition technology that offers the potential to automate and streamline processes.
Deploy a recognition model for 30 SKUs in four weeks.
Benefit from image recognition solution that provides real-time insights into store execution, inventory levels, planogram compliance, and promotional displays.

Get more visibility for their products and important insights such as:
Correct arrangement of products by using Planogram
Check if the product has expired or stayed on the shelf for too long
Check the % share of the products. This will show the fraction covered by your products on the shelf or the fraction of your products facings have been set accordingly.

Workflow and Activities

Customer visit

These are forms in which field users record information and capture pictures during the field visits on the mobile app.


On Shelf Availability (OSA)
This feature ensures products are adequately displayed and promoted. It acquires insight visibility of products in a store.
It shows how well a product or brand is displayed compared to competitors.

Share of shelf
It counts the quantity of products present on shelves. Then identifies the number of products of one company versus another.

% share per (Brand or SKU)

Out of stock detection
This feature identifies gaps in stock of a product in the store. Therefore making it easier to restock the shelves.

Facing Analysis
Identifies if the products on the shelf have been properly arranged. Then gets insights on the number of units of a product that are available. These insights help with ensuring products are supplied well or better placement of products for better sales.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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