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Our mobile application, FieldPro works on all Android phones version 7.0 or above, with high accuracy GPS and 1 Gb of RAM

On the Google Play Store, search for FieldPro V3 or click on this link: Google Play Store
Click on the App to install it on your phone.
Click on Agree to accept FieldPro's Terms & conditions and privacy policy
Enter your phone number or registered details to log in (The format for capturing the phone number/details is indicated in the watermark i.e. select the country, and enter your phone number)
Enter/allow the App to autofill the One Time Password received via SMS to log in
To properly use FieldPro, grant permissions for:

~ Camera - to take pictures
~ Location - to capture GPS coordinates
~ Storage - to store pictures taken

Once you have given the App permissions, the App will start synchronizing. Please wait while everything is set up, it should take a few seconds/minutes to complete.

For more information on the above actions, please watch this

1. We have a control measure that restricts multiple logins into mobile user accounts. This is a security measure that ensures only 1 user is entitled to their unique login. (see the screenshot below)
2. You must ensure the date and time is correctly set on your phone/device, else the app won't work (See the screenshot below)
3. The app must be given access to GPS at all times, else you won't be able to use the app (See the screenshot below)

1. In the event that more than one user has logged into an account they'll be automatically logged out as shown below

For users who have been log out, they can only be unlocked from the web interface here

2. Users with incorrect date/time won't be able to use the app until they correct their time.

3. Users with their GPS turned off won't be able to use the app untill they turn it on

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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