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Actions on the customers section

Create / Add Customer
View the sync status of a customer
Edit Customer
View customers
Search customers
Filter customers
Select customers
Geo check in
Delete a Customer

Create / Add Customer

To create/add a customer on the list, locate and click on the Add Customer button at the bottom right of your screen.
Fill in the required information on the page that opens, and click on submit.
When filling in the required information during customer creation / addition, all the mandatory fields have red dots. They must be filled in order for to you to be able to submit, otherwise the submit button will remain inactive (grey in color).

If you select a customer and start a workflow which contains an activity whose requisite is set to need visit, the mandatory fields will need to be filled before being able to check in at the customer. This update is possible even if the list is set to read only

For more information, please view the video below

View the sync status of a customer

An icon showing the sync status displays at the right of the customer:

Customers created when a user is working offline or having a poor network connection remain un-synced till there is a strong connection.
These customers that were created but not saved remain with one tick awaiting the user’s internet connectivity for the Customer to be synced. Synced customers have two green ticks at the far right.
These un-synced Customers might not be available on the list in case you want to check in at a later time/day.
Therefore, it's always good to ensure the customers you create are successfully synced into the database.
You should not make activities for customers that have a sync error. Activities made on such customers (un-synced or ongoing workflows) won’t have a customer attached to them in the database hence affecting data credibility.

To view the status of a customer:

Click on your Customer list on the mobile app. The listing tab has two factors.
Synced - These are customers sync/saved successfully
Pending - These are customers saved locally on the phone awaiting connection so that they can be uploaded to the database.

The number of the ticks next to the customer searched for indicates its sync status. i.e.
PENDING = one grey tick
SYNCED = two green tick

For more information on the above actions, please watch the video below

The sync process happens automatically if the mobile user has data connectivity. Nothing is to be done by the mobile user. If there is an issue with the sync process it will be displayed in settings, synchronization warnings tab.

Edit Customer

Editing a customer enables users to correct the GPS, Customer picture, and to update any other old or new customer information added to the profile.
To edit a customer, search for your customer on the Customer List and click on the 3 dots at the far right of the outlet.
A pop-up menu will appear, then select on View details to view the customer’s profile.
Click on the Edit details button at the bottom right of the screen
Navigate to the fields you want to update, provide the information and click on submit at the bottom of the page. The place will be successfully edited.

For more information on the above actions, please watch this

Editing of a Customer by the mobile users is only possible if they have been given full access. This is done from the web app.

You can also view the customer card after clicking the 3 dots on the far right of the customer then select View details.

Customer card contains the following actions:

Get Direction - To get Google Maps directions to the customer location
Distance - To view how far you are from the customer (shown in meters or kilometers)
Call Customer - To get the contact number of the customer
Info - To view all the attributes related to the customer. Only attributes with values will be displayed. At the bottom you have metadata about the creation and edition of the customer details
History - To view past activities made for that specific customer.
KPIs - To view the insights reports related to the customer.
Notes - To capture note and view past ones linked to the customer

For more information on the above, you can also watch the video below

View customers

If the GPS is on, the customers are ranked from the closest to the furthest.

If the GPS if off, the customers are ranked by alphabetical order

Only the first 25 customers are displayed for the scroll, but when searching or filtering, the operation is done on the full list. You can view the total number of customers assigned to you in the map section

Search customers

The search happens on all the attributes defined as important in the list schema, it's a magnifying glass icon found at the top right of your list.

Filter customers

The filter is possible on all attributes defined in the list schema on the web app.

To apply a filter, click on the buttons found at the top of your customer list. Then a pop -up page will appear with the necessary field of filters. The filter(s) applied will be indicated at the top.

Click on the clear button beside the apply button to clear the filter(s).

For more clarity refer to the video below.

Select customers

To select a customer, click anywhere on the customer card. Once a customer has been selected the card is highlighted in yellow and a check in initiated.

Geo check in

After selecting a customer, check in is initiated and one proceeds to the workflow activity for the day, if the activity requires a visit with mandatory geo check in, the distance from the mobile user to the customer will be verified. If the user is beyond, he/she cannot begin their activities.

Once you are checked in at a customer, the customer icon at the bottom right will appear with a GPS pin next to it.

After filling the workflow activities, the user can end visit by checking out. Either as part of the call to actions at the end of the workflow or by clicking on the check out banner on the main customer screen.

For more information on the above actions, please view the video below.

Delete a Customer

If the access right for the list and mobile user role allows, the mobile user can delete a customer from the mobile app. It will result in the item being archived in the back end. For a full deletion from the archived state, it needs to be done through the web app

To delete a customer just click on the right three dots, view more details, then on the top right bin icon on the edit view of the customer.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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