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Filling and viewing the status of Activity Reports

Workflows are the daily tools used to collect information when visiting a customer. To access a workflow, first, click on the target customer, then you will be redirected to the Start a new workflow for page where different activities are displayed.

Filling an Activity Report
How to take a picture
How to capture GPS location
How to fill a matrix
How to edit a matrix
View the sync status of an activity report
Share an activity

Filling an Activity Report

Filling a workflow is also known as completing an Activity Report, i.e. filling a workflow once = 1 Activity Report completed, filling it 3 times = 3 Activity Reports completed etc.

When filling a workflow you are able to see the customer you are filling an activity for.

To complete an Activity Report, simply input/provide information to the various fields/questions available and click on the submit icon once done. Examples of the information to be provided to the workflow questions are; pictures, dates, single choice, multiple choice, integers, ratings, open text/comments, product selection, etc.

Most activities have 1 or more mandatory questions which must all be filled in before you are able to submit your work. These mandatory questions have asterisks/stars for easy identification.

After filling your workflow, take note of the submit icon/banner. i.e.

= not all the mandatory questions have been filled, you will not be able to submit

= all mandatory questions have been filled, you will be able to submit.

After submitting an activity you will be directed to a page showing that your activity has been successfully submitted and if you want to take further actions such as start a new workflow or end visit

Once you click end visit you will be automatically checked out from the customer selected

How to take a picture

To take a picture, simply click on the camera icon and capture your picture.

You can retake the picture by clicking on the delete icon on the left, or save it by clicking on the tick icon on the right if its of good quality.

For more information on how to capture pictures, please view the video below.

Poor quality / dark pictures are automatically rejected by the application if a user tries to save it, hence it must be retaken, as shown below

How to capture GPS location

Click on the GPS icon
The accuracy will be displayed. If the accuracy is below 10 meters, the GPS location is automatically captured.
If it is above 10 meters, and you still want to record it, click on Validate but ensure the accuracy is 15m or below.

To get better accuracy, wait a few moments and ensure you are outside the outlet when recording GPS.

Once the GPS is validated, you will see your location on Google Maps, by clicking on the Maps icon, you can open Google Maps in full view (Not necessary unless you want to see more on the captured location).

For more information on the above actions, please view the video below.

How to fill a matrix

Matrix questions are made of items with their description and categories. These items are usually different products in their respective categories, quantity, price, packaging, etc. They can be navigated through the categories tab.

To fill a matrix click on the relevant category, select your item, fill in the required information, and validate. Repeat the process for all the items you want to fill.

Filled items usually have green tick at the top right of their pictures.

Once done, validate and you will have a recap display of the items selected and the information captured.

How to edit a matrix

To edit a matrix, click on the edit/pen icon located next to the item filled. You can then select the item you want to edit and change the information, or you can remove items previously filled by clicking on the delete icon at the bottom right of the screen.

For more information, please view the video below.

View the sync status of an activity report

We use the same icons as for items. They display at the right.
If the activity report is synced locally, a single grey tick will be displayed.
If the activity report is synced online, two green ticks will be displayed.

Our mobile application works fully offline. Once your environment is loaded, you can do everything without an Internet connection.

After submitting an Activity Report, if you are offline, it will appear under the Completed Workflow section with one tick and the number of the pending activity reports indicated with a red small circle at the far right.

To sync Pending Activity Reports, you need a strong internet connection and the pending activity reports will be automatically synced.

The tab on this page also lists and shows the number of synced and pending activity reports. Pending activity reports will be listed with one tick next to it, while synced activity reports will have two ticks next to it.

Draft activity reports are displayed under the Ongoing Workflows

Always ensure you are checked out of the last place you visited. Otherwise, your activity reports will be pending and not synced.

If it synced correctly, it will appear in the Completed Workflow section, with two green ticks next to it.

You can manually re-push a synchronizable item. All you need to do is go to the Synchronization warnings section found on the Settings tab. Select the activity which you want to push manually. At the bottom right of your screen you will see a try to sync button. Click on the button to manually re-push the synchronization.

In the background, the app does:
Activity reports sync every 50 mins, this limits the number of pending activity reports.
Master sync every 24 hours, this ensures that the items are all updated.

For more information, please view the video below.

Share an activity

On the workflow of your choice, click on the activity you want to share then click on the 3 dots at the far right.

After clicking on the 3 dots, a slide up menu will pop up with an option to Share activity.

Upon clicking on the share icon, you will be able to share your activity via text message, WhatsApp, or email, after doing the necessary edits.

The fields contained in this shareable message are configured in the workflow editor for each question.

For more information, please view the video below

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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